Sponsor an Education

In the Dominican Republic public education is free... but the required Uniforms are not. For many children, these uniforms are the primary obstacle to an education.
For families, many of who earn $3 a day or less, a $30 uniform is more than they can afford.
Your sponsorship of a uniform makes a huge difference in the lives of these children, and offers them hope for a brighter future.
The uniforms are sewn by the women of Sewing My Future, so your donation not only helps a child, but also helps provide a living wage for the women who sew the uniforms.
Clothing is very expensive on the Island, and many children have no shoes or decent clothing. Your donation of $15 will provide 5 like-new outfits and several pairs of shoes for a child.
Outside cook pots, open public showers, lack of indoor plumbing, and tubs for washing clothes with water carried from a public water source are just some of the challenges these women face in caring for their children.
Your donation of a household care package will assist a family with basic cooking and household necessities. Each package is designed to meet the specific needs of a family and their current living situation.
Please consider making a donation today. For each donation, you will receive a thank you note from the child and a picture for you to share with your own family to help you remember the difference you made in the life of a child and their family across the sea. Thank you!

Send a Child to School

Your donation will afford the opportunity for enrollment. Thank you!

School Uniform
Back Pack w/Supplies
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Please Consider a Donation Today!

Support a Child

For families who have nothing, your donation is a wonderful gift any time of the year!

Care Package
Care Package
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