Meet the Women

Julie Baker

Julie started traveling to the DR about six years ago and fell in love with the Island- its music, climate, landscape, and most importantly, its people. Wanting to give back, her vision for creating jobs for the women and helping their families has become the driving force of Sewing My Future.

Polonia Flores (Nidia)

A widow, she has two daughters and a son. She also cares for her granddaughter, as her daughter works for a cruise company and is only home 2 months out the year. She learned to sew from her sister when she was young, and now is the head seamstress, and leader of the group.

Elutra Garcia (Nani)

Born in 1933, she has been sewing her whole life. She has three biological children and one adopted. She has one grandson. She also takes care of her sister, who lives with her.


Originally from Port au Prince, she moved to the Dominican Republic 7 years ago. She was taught to sew in a school in Haiti and is now the sewing teacher of the school in Munoz. She has a daughter.

Fiordalisa Vialet

Born in Dajabon DR, she now lives in Puerto Plata. She has a son and daughter, and 3 granddaughters. Growing up, she took care of her 12 brothers. She now takes care of her elderly parents as well.


Anie traveled here from Haiti 7 years ago to make a better life for her family. She also brought her baby sister, for whom she provides. Nadine has taught her sewing and she is very happy to have a chance to work.


She has three children, including twins and a husband who works in the resorts in Puerto Plata. The rest of her family is still in Haiti, so she is here alone with her husband and children. She was taught to sew by Nadine in the batay.

Muchas Gracias!

The women and children thank you for your support in our effort to create a bright future for the women and their families.

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