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Cottage Manufacturing

Sewing My Future offers small business and groups a unique production opportunity that is both cost effective and socially responsible.
In using our services you will be assured a quality product with a low production cost and the knowledge that you are providing honest respectable work to the women. The behind the scene manufacturing story is one you can feel good about and be proud to share with your customers.
Sewing My Future's operating philosophy is to provide the women not only a living wage, but to create a work environment that understands and honors their obligations to their children and other dependent family members as well.
On site dependent care, nutritious meals and a clean, bright, spacious work environment are just some of the commitments made to all of the seamstresses.
For business owners, low minimums, paired with flexible sourcing options, make our cottage industry production an appealing alternative to the impersonal service and large quantity requirements of large overseas factories.
Julie Baker, founder of Sewing My Future has extensive small business sales/marketing experience both online and off. Her consulting services are available to new/start up businesses as part of the benefit in choosing Sewing My Future for production.
We would love the opportunity to quote your group or company’s product. There is an initial set up fee that includes the training and sample production, and then a per-piece charge is agreed upon and production begins!
Contact us today to learn if our group is the right fit for you.

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Cottage Manufacturing

To receive more information or initiate an inquiry into using Sewing My Future's textile manufacturing services, Please Contact Us.

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Care Package
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Clients and Partners

Pampered Poultry

Chicken wearing a dress

Pampered Poultry specializes in promoting the fashionable back yard chicken through its line of chicken attire. They are excited to contract with the seamtresses of Puerto Plata, DR.


Suncamp at the Dominican Republic

A Volunteer Vacation in Munoz, DR- A trip to a beautiful Island paradise you will never forget.

Sewing in the Dominican Republic

Julie Baker - Sewing in the Dominican Republic movie

A behind the scenes tour of a client's product manufacturing in the DR.

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